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Frenchman's Cap

With the Christmas/New Year period shutdown at work, there was a scramble to find something interesting to do. Luckily some good friends were already off to Tasmania to go hiking, and had a spare spot in their car. A few days before leaving we decided... (more)

Little River Gorge

Returning to Little River Gorge was an exciting prospect. Aparently Little River Gorge is Victoria's deepest gorge. A fair way North-East of Buchan, it is one of the more remote areas of Victoria. When travelling around there, and especially into the... (more)

Mountaineering Course

Absolutely no regrets choosing to do a mountaineering course before heading into the hills independently. The course run in 2014 by Stuart Hollaway for MUMC members was a once in a lifetime, unforgetable opportunity. It is so very sad to have to say... (more)

MUMC and Mountaineering

Abored engineering student watching videos on his computer during summer break experienced that phenomenon so often attributed to wasting time on the YouTube website. One minute I was learning how to assemble a remote control aircraft, the next I got... (more)

Werribee Gorge

Werribee Gorge, and specifically Falcon's Lookout is a popular walking and climbing location close to Melbourne. I recently went back there for a day with some friends, we had an absolute blast. If you go in there with low expectations for rock quality,... (more)

Night Appeal

My torch flickers, and then goes out. Halfway through the second pitch, I call out below something to make my belayer worried. Stopping to take stock, behind me are yells and hoots, a couch burning bonfire rages in the campsite. Our friend is making... (more)

Olinda Falls

Olinda Falls is a fantastic spot for an escape from Melbourne via public transport + bike. We jumped off the train at Boronia Railway Station, and rode our bikes up the 1 in 20 (Mountain Highway) to Olinda. This trip would also be good to do on a hot... (more)

Skiing the Razorback

This was my first trip skiing along the Razorback to Mt Feathertop, (imho) the best mountain in Victoria! Leaving on the Friday night, we camped out near Smoko. In the morning after packing, was the drive up to the Razorback Carpark on Mt Hotham. Heaps... (more)

West Ridge of Mt Buller

Why do the best adventures always seem to happen when I break my phone? I was contemplating this while sitting by the round-about in Mansfield outside the pub, waiting for my friends to arrive. I had managed to break my phone that day while on a day... (more)

When Climbers Go Sailing

Fair-weather sailing is underrated. As we nosed our way into the Bass Strait and waves began to wash over the deck, I couldn't help but ponder the truth in the words from our skipper. Sailing in good weather, I have discovered, leaves plenty of time for... (more)