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Sat 11 March 2023

 38 minute read

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Freeride in Racha

Having spent a lot of time on skis over the past 4 years in Georgia, it's easy for me to say that the region of Racha has captured my heart. Nestled between the famous region of Svaneti in the West…

Mon 2 May 2022

 14 minute read

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Two Times on Tetnuldi

Tetnuldi is a striking, snow covered peak in the region of Svaneti, Georgia. Standing within view of the popular township of Mestia, on a clear evening the sun sets last on its face and lights up l…

Mon 6 September 2021

 7 minute read

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Crossing the Kazbegi Border

After an amazing time in Racha with our friends, March was rapidly approaching, and our visa-free year in the Georgia was coming to an end. With travel options being limited, our desire to see fami…

Sat 1 August 2020

 4 minute read

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Climbing on an empty Kazbek

During our time in Gomi a few of us talked about a summer climb of Kazbek, one of the most notable peaks in Georgia. Taylor, Eva, Arina and myself committed to the endeavour, they managed to scroun…

Fri 10 July 2020

 10 minute read

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A Wedding in Gomi

After having spent the Winter and most of the Spring in Gudauri, the Vagabond ski instructor group decided to live on a property in the countryside somewhere in central Georgia. Initially they hope…

Sun 12 April 2020

 7 minute read

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2020 Lockdown in Gudauri

In March 2020, my 3 months in Kamchatka was coming to an end, unable to extend my Russian visa, we opted for plan B, living for some time in Georgia, as both Anya and I could stay there for up to a…

Fri 18 January 2019

 5 minute read

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Skiing in Georgia

We flew into Tbilisi, and and were collected by a man who guided a friend of ours, he took us to the Marshrutka (minibus) area to go to Gudauri, we had trouble sourcing one on the day we were, hard…