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Mon 2 May 2022

 14 minute read

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Two Times on Tetnuldi

Tetnuldi is a striking, snow covered peak in the region of Svaneti, Georgia. Standing within view of the popular township of Mestia, on a clear evening the sun sets last on its face and lights up l…

Sat 1 August 2020

 4 minute read

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Climbing on an empty Kazbek

During our time in Gomi a few of us talked about a summer climb of Kazbek, one of the most notable peaks in Georgia. Taylor, Eva, Arina and myself committed to the endeavour, they managed to scroun…

Sun 12 April 2020

 18 minute read

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Alone on Avachinsky

Like sentinels, Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Kozelsky stand watch over the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. As a mountain adventure lover, the beauty and allure of these volcanoes cultivate the imagi…

Thu 8 December 2016

 20 minute read

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Mountaineering Course

Absolutely no regrets choosing to do a mountaineering course before heading into the hills independently. The course run in 2014 by Stuart Hollaway for MUMC members was a once in a lifetime, unforg…

Mon 5 December 2016

 24 minute read

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MUMC and Mountaineering

A bored engineering student watching videos on his computer during summer break experienced that phenomenon so often attributed to wasting time on the YouTube website. One minute I was learning how…