Why do the best adventures always seem to happen when I break my phone? I was contemplating this while sitting by the round-about in Mansfield outside the pub, waiting for my friends to arrive.

I had managed to break my phone that day while on a day trip to Mt Stirling with MUMC and MUSKI, and now the prospect of heading to the West Ridge of Mt Buller without a phone was increasingly exciting. My previous trip without a phone (see earlier article "When Climbers Go Sailing") was a raging success.

An early start the next morning, and we raced up the hill to try and get to the ice, which according to Chockstone, Mt Buller Ice Climbing could be present if we looked in the right place. When we finally did reach the spot, and downclimbed to the ice, it was a little disapointing. A group behind us was planning to spend the day climbing there too. With a bluebird day, the choice was easy, we spent the day skiing around instead.