We predicted much suffering and grim struggle for survival while on the 2 day crossing from Mt Hotham to Fall's Creek. At the end of 40 hours emergency services and family will be notified of our failure to arrive. At the 60 hour mark, search parties will fan out from either end of the trail, looking high and low among the snowgums for our persons. Satellite photographs of the area have been scheduled to be taken every hour to aid in the investigation. The steep valley down to Dibbins hut where the parties will inevitably meet is rumoured to be treacherous in winter. Icicles poised to drop on heads just one of the many concerns and obstacles expected in this remote region. An extra 8 days worth of food for contingency purposes, along with minus 30 degree sleeping bags for every party member. The the imposing Mt Jim Massif is rumoured to affect compass bearings, and could well interfere with radio and GPS communications too. Several Kilometres of coloured string will therefore need to be taken to aid backtracking in whiteout conditions.

And so it was quite the shock that we returned well fed, a little tanned, and thoroughly excited after what was at least for me the most enjoyable weekend skiing one could ask for. The only way it could have been better is if we'd decided to take the helicopter back to Hotham instead of the bus!