This was my first trip skiing along the Razorback to Mt Feathertop, (imho) the best mountain in Victoria! Leaving on the Friday night, we camped out near Smoko. In the morning after packing, was the drive up to the Razorback Carpark on Mt Hotham. Heaps of tracks to follow out onto the ridge. I think I must have had an unnusual amount of energy on this weekend, for I was doing laps around the others as we went up the hills.

About half way along the Razorback we spotted some avalanche paths, the conditions on the day seemed pretty stable and Dan went down carefully on the opposite side to check it out and take some photos.

I managed to convince the group to take a detour over Molly's Hill over into the saddle between Little Mt Feathertop and Mt Feathertop, before continuing on our way to MUMC hut. Around this time the cloud had really begun to set in, and visibility was minimal. We'd all walked or skiied this route numerous times, so we felt confident we could find our way. There was some debate about where to begin dropping down after the traverse in order to avoid the cornice, but also not miss the North-West Spur. We eventually found the spot and skiied down out of the clouds to the hut.

Looking up in the morning to see our tracks and our indecision from the previous day was quite the laugh.

Summit cornice
Summit cornice

The conditions up to the summit were verging on icy, so the girls decided to take the traverse back, while we continued up. As we reached the top the cloud closed in again, so we had to be careful to avoid dropping off the cornice. The ski down from the summit on the walking track side was surprisingly easy even given the icy conditions.

Bombing down one of the long spurs on the East side of the Razorback was definitely the highlight of the 2016 season for me, can't wait to go back!

Tracks off the spur from the
Tracks off the spur from the Razorback