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Fri 1 November 2019

 10 minute read

in Code

Making Maps

This blog post is currently a work in progress, updated as I learn more about the subject. A number of people have asked, and I've been planning for a long time to create a …

Tue 17 January 2017

 4 minute read

in Adventures

Frenchman's Cap

With the Christmas/New Year period shutdown at work, there was a scramble to find something interesting to do. Luckily some good friends were already off to Tasmania to go hiking, and had a spare s…

Thu 22 December 2016

 3 minute read

in Adventures

Little River Gorge

Returning to Little River Gorge was an exciting prospect. Aparently Little River Gorge is Victoria's deepest gorge. A fair way North-East of Buchan, it is one of the more remote areas of Victoria. …