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Sat 11 March 2023

 38 minute read

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Freeride in Racha

Having spent a lot of time on skis over the past 4 years in Georgia, it's easy for me to say that the region of Racha has captured my heart. Nestled between the famous region of Svaneti in the West…

Wed 3 November 2021

 14 minute read

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Spring in Kamchatka

I was soon out ski touring in my favourite spot near the city, every time I seem to have the forest to myself, and when it's cold enough the snow is often fantastic. The old trees on the hill are e…

Sun 12 April 2020

 7 minute read

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2020 Lockdown in Gudauri

In March 2020, my 3 months in Kamchatka was coming to an end, unable to extend my Russian visa, we opted for plan B, living for some time in Georgia, as both Anya and I could stay there for up to a…

Sun 12 April 2020

 18 minute read

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Alone on Avachinsky

Like sentinels, Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Kozelsky stand watch over the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. As a mountain adventure lover, the beauty and allure of these volcanoes cultivate the imagi…

Fri 18 January 2019

 5 minute read

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Skiing in Georgia

We flew into Tbilisi, and and were collected by a man who guided a friend of ours, he took us to the Marshrutka (minibus) area to go to Gudauri, we had trouble sourcing one on the day we were, hard…

Tue 9 January 2018

 13 minute read

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Skiing in Japan

Slipping slippy!! I look up from my phone to see we are facing sideways, no time to brace as we collide with the snow after performing a complete turn. Nii-san and I look at each other, and I raise…

Mon 28 August 2017

 10 minute read

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Bogong in August

Mitch and I decided to head up to Bogong for the weekend together. Walking up Eskdale on Saturday morning we hit the snow surprisingly early, and after about an hour and a half of walking, reached …