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Empathy and Criticism; Reconciling Risk in Outdoor Sports

We tell ourselves (and our friends and families) that our adventure sport of choice can be safe, you shouldn't get hurt if you do the right thing, that person must have been doing something wrong or were unlucky. We've convinced ourselves that it's safe... (more)

Blue Mountains Canyoning 2018

Once again I found myself struggling on the 10 hour drive from Melbourne to the Blue Mountains over the Easter Weekend. In the car with me were 3 other intrepid folks, keen to get into the moist green air of the canyons in the Wollangambe area. At about... (more)

Skiing in Japan

Slipping slippy!! I look up from my phone to see we are facing sideways, no time to brace as we collide with the snow after performing a complete turn. Nii-san and I look at each other, and I raise my eyebrows; what just happened!? The van makes some... (more)

Bogong in August

Afriend Mitch and I decided to head up to Bogong for the weekend together. Walking up Eskdale on Saturday morning we hit the snow surprisingly early, and after about an hour and a half of walking, reached the hut, with blue skies above. With a week's... (more)

Backcountry Skiing in New Zealand

The aim was simple: do an avalanche course, and practice what we learned. This was to be my first trip to New Zealand in winter, and as such I didn't really know what to expect in terms of weather or snow conditions. For the previous 6 months I had been... (more)

Blue Mountains Canyoning

This Easter, I made the long car drive journey up to New South Whales to join in the annual pilgrimage to go canyoning in the Blue Mountains. With four drivers in the car, driving for 10 hours wasn't seeming like such a horrible prospect. Along the way... (more)

Mountaineering Round 2

Afollow up mountaineering trip to New Zealand, given the success of the previous season, was always going to be on the cards. Five of us flew over near the new year for 2016, for a couple of weeks climbing up at Pioneer hut. I was excited about this... (more)

Sphinx For Documenting Java Projects

Last year I had the pleasure of using Sphinx for documenting my final year software project at university. The project was primarily java, but also included a number of python utilities and the requirement of documenting the central algorithm clearly.... (more)

Frenchman's Cap

With the Christmas/New Year period shutdown at work, there was a scramble to find something interesting to do. Luckily some good friends were already off to Tasmania to go hiking, and had a spare spot in their car. A few days before leaving we decided... (more)

Little River Gorge

Returning to Little River Gorge was an exciting prospect. Aparently Little River Gorge is Victoria's deepest gorge. A fair way North-East of Buchan, it is one of the more remote areas of Victoria. When travelling around there, and especially into the... (more)