Luke Frisken

Mon 28 August 2017

 10 minute read

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Bogong in August

Mitch and I decided to head up to Bogong for the weekend together. Walking up Eskdale on Saturday morning we hit the snow surprisingly early, and after about an hour and a half of walking, reached …

Thu 4 May 2017

 6 minute read

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Blue Mountains Canyoning

This Easter, I made the long car drive journey up to New South Whales to join in the annual pilgrimage to go canyoning in the Blue Mountains. With four drivers in the car, driving for 10 hours wasn…

Mon 27 February 2017

 3 minute read

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Mountaineering Round 2

A follow up mountaineering trip to New Zealand, given the success of the previous season, was always going to be on the cards. Five of us flew over near the new year for 2016, for a couple of weeks…

Tue 17 January 2017

 4 minute read

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Frenchman's Cap

With the Christmas/New Year period shutdown at work, there was a scramble to find something interesting to do. Luckily some good friends were already off to Tasmania to go hiking, and had a spare s…

Thu 22 December 2016

 3 minute read

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Little River Gorge

Returning to Little River Gorge was an exciting prospect. Aparently Little River Gorge is Victoria's deepest gorge. A fair way North-East of Buchan, it is one of the more remote areas of Victoria. …

Thu 8 December 2016

 20 minute read

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Mountaineering Course

Absolutely no regrets choosing to do a mountaineering course before heading into the hills independently. The course run in 2014 by Stuart Hollaway for MUMC members was a once in a lifetime, unforg…

Mon 5 December 2016

 24 minute read

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MUMC and Mountaineering

A bored engineering student watching videos on his computer during summer break experienced that phenomenon so often attributed to wasting time on the YouTube website. One minute I was learning how…

Fri 18 November 2016

 1 minute read

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Werribee Gorge

Werribee Gorge, and specifically Falcon's Lookout is a popular walking and climbing location close to Melbourne. I recently went back there for a day with some friends, we had an absolute blast. If…