Luke Frisken

Mon 21 September 2015

 13 minute read

in Adventures

When Climbers Go Sailing

Fair-weather sailing is underrated. As we nosed our way into the Bass Strait and waves began to wash over the deck, I couldn't help but ponder the truth in the words from our skipper. Sailing in go…

Sun 2 August 2015

 2 minute read

in Adventures

Hotham to Fall's Creek

We predicted much suffering and grim struggle for survival while on the 2 day crossing from Mt Hotham to Fall's Creek. At the end of 40 hours emergency services and family will be notified of our f…

Sat 1 August 2015

 3 minute read

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Blue Lake Ice Climbing

TWO DAYS IN A ROW, stuck in the tent while it rains and sleets outside. Everyone’s going stir crazy. I think both Tom and I are running out of patience after our third game of Paddocks today. At le…

Thu 31 July 2014

 3 minute read

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Carabiner Damage to Rope

I recently had the misfortune of cutting the sheath midway along a brand new rope whilst taking a catching a lead fall while climbing indoors. How might this happen? Climbing gyms are carefully con…